Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Colin Powell: Contradictions of Success?

For Africans in America Colin Powell is pretty much the embodiment of success. He is the
American Dream
come true. That is even moreso for West Indian immigrants in North America; the new arrivals, first, second, third and fourth generations all.

But the contradiction of realisation of that dream and being a conscious descendent of African slaves in the Americas is what Colin Powell represents more than anything else. If he has a conscience and he is aware or has not blanked out his people's history...that man in my opinion had some seriously hard times in the last four years or so. The weight of his opinion and voice has been significantly reduced from Bush Snr. to Bush Jnr. He knows now that he was used as bait, as a vote getting gimmck in the first Bush Jnr election. I wonder how he feels now?

Powell does not seem to be like Rice or Clarence Thomas who appear to have erased the past, the history of Africans in the Americas, a long time ago, to get along and get on. The
is one of the biggest prerequisite to achieving success for African Americans, in any important American institutions, such as the Army, the Cabinet, without going completely crazy or geting sick from stress and other related diseases.

Does Powell suffer from hypertension, colon, prostate cancer etc? I never heard any of those health issues mentioned in regard to him. If he does not this man must be one strong person or maybe he is exactly as Belafonte described him a few years ago,a serious
Uncle Tom.

Hmmmn..... I wonder if Alma had to write a book ... her memoires being the wife of the dutifull and loyal American servant...what she would tell in it?

Interesting people these.... but one can only speculate because unfortunately you rarely ever get to know the true story, see the real picture.