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Take It To the Lord In Prayer

It is always in amazement that some people look on black people, at how religious they are. I mean it must be a curious thing to see black people so steadfast in their Christian belief and in a white God/Jesus, used for centuries as part of a strategy to subjugate them.

The thing that is missed most is that that these people often have no where else to go. For the last five centuries African peoples all over this world have been a people oppressed. They have seen much misery -sometimes of their own making. There has been no other place of refuge, no psychologist accessible or counselor affordable. No other option for sharing and laying down burdens, failures, trials and tribulations but with the Saviour, Allah or what have you.

For Africans in the America's this is especially pronounced. When they say "Take It to the Lord in Prayer", they really do mean it. For them there is nowhere else to go! Just a listen to African American gospel music is a study in inadvertent self…