Of Q-Tip and Wutliss Luv

Image hosting by PhotobucketWutliss luv I define as what ordinary women do when they fall in luv with some star or personality who they will never meet or know. Like how some women just luvs them a Denzel Washington while others luv them some Will Smith or Morris Chestnut. For me it is the nondescript Q-tip of the Tribe Called Quest. Yes Q-tip!

Most people who read this would wonder “why?” I don't know either but there is something about this man that my spirit just loves....From the first time I saw him in Tribe, I was hooked. He is not remarkable physically or as a rapper. Never dresses up as Kanye West does... he certainly does not bling like most of the brothers in the entertainment business....does not seem to make much money and certainly does not appear to squander whatever he makes like most of these ‘never-see-come-see’ fools either.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe strangest thing about me and Q is that I don't follow his career and I know none of his songs off-hand. I can re-call the chorus of Bonita AppleBum with Tribe but that is about all. I don't know Q's real name, his biography nor do I have any of his or Tribe Called Quest albums...I have seen him in Disappearing Acts and Prison Song and that is it. I absolutely loved him in Prison Song though. I would say I am not a groupie at all but whenever I see him on the screen or hear his voice I stop and come back to listen or watch...to me that man is just beautiful.

Q-tip my wutliss luv, I luvs yuh some baby!


Jdid said…
look its Q-tip!
ThandieLand said…
one of your favourite rap artist Jdid?
Jdid said…
you dont remember his brief cameo in poetic justice?

yep I like Tip, a bit eccentric but his style is no frills. none of that i got big chains big cars, i shot two million people rhymes. personally i actually liked trini boy Phife-dwag better of the tribe dudes though.

and you must know at least one other song besides bonita applebum. what about scenario, can i kick it, we got the jazz, award tour, 8 million stories
ThandieLand said…
I am trying hard to remember him in poetic justice...was he Janet's (Justice's) love interest who died?

Yah I defintely like that no frills bit...I have seen him all dressed-up too and he transitions nicely I must say.

Yah Yah I know "What's the Scenario" but it and their more popular tracks would come to me only if I heard them playing. I am a bit ashamed to say I know none of his or TCQ songs off hand..but I guess I am just not starry-eyed enough to be a great or even good groupie...:)

Through this though I discovered that Q may share same birthdday with me. I say "may" b/c both biographies I read on the net have different D.O.B in the same pieces..guess they just copied one from the other. If the Nov date is the correct one..that maybe this is why I like this fellow so much.
Abeni said…
Well I don't even know who is Qtip-shows ho wmuch I know about rappers.But,he looks goodish
Anonymous said…
And waht about wutliss lust?
AKL said…
he's such a cutie to me. always has been!
aurie said…
Baby...just remember to
Breathe and Stop....And give it what you got.

Amplified was one of my fav hip hop CDs before 2000. The actual music behind his rhymes are really good. Its just that his creativity never seemed to have a longevity that would put him on the next level like a busta rhymes or wyclef or someone like that. He has tons of ability, but i dunno. Gwan wid yuh wutliss luv gyal. Nuh mek nuhbady tell yuh different.

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