Thanks A Million Mr. J. H. Johnson of Ebony Magazine

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Black people all over this world should not be able to find words to thank this man. What he did for all of us is what one must tag as priceless! That he made himself rich doing so is tesitmoney to what can come of doing for people who are marginlized and yet still having the faith and courage to do what you really want to do and enjoy. It is said that he was asked by Presidents Kennedy and Carter to take high positions in their Cabinets and he turned them down. On tv, I saw him in respone to a question about refusing the offers say that he was doing what he enjoyed and would not trade it for any other thing in the world.
Read his company's tribute to the man. A black man who dreamt the impossible and made it real, in apartheid USA 1945! AMAZING!

Comments said…
nice to see u posting again
ThandieLand said…
:) Yah have been too busy doing all kinds of thign... I should really make time to do more posting.
Shotta M said…
Amazing fellow. I admire the concept of enriching yourself and your community at the same time.

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